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and Have an Extraordinary Life!

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What do you want out of life? More money, to lose weight, or to find happiness? But something’s been holding you back, right? You know you have great potential, so why can’t you move forward? It’s not your fault; it’s how your brain has been programmed!

In this exclusive audio download, you’ll learn the 20 sure-fire ways to re-program your brain so that it works with you, and not against you. All throughout your life, your brain has been conditioned to believe certain things, some of which are the major obstacles that prevent you from getting what you want most. You believe information presented to you by your Little Voice, but often, that Little Voice is bad mental conditioning you picked up from parents, teachers, friends and others over the years. Using the techniques that many leaders and celebrities rely on for their own success, you’ll be in control of that “little voice” in your head, and start achieving your goals.

After spending over $500,000 self-development programs, I’ve culled the best proven techniques for successfully mastering the Little Voice on that holds you back. The value of mastering even just a few of the steps could lead to more money, better health, and more happiness! Get your copy now and start enjoying success in the areas that have eluded you for so long.

The 20 techniques included on this audio download are:

Three strategies that takes any accomplishment or win and mentally multiplies it, so you automatically get on a ‘success roll’… no matter what you are doing. How a test group of several thousand life insurance agents… in the face of adversity, rejection and doubt… increased their individual sales by at least 34%! (Interestingly, you probably already know this strategy… but… if you’re like most, you have it wired backwards!)
How to instantly boost your confidence in times of fear and intimidation, so you’re bursting with confidence… in any negotiation… or in front of any group! How to turn any setback into a lucrative win. Plus, 4 simple questions to ask yourself guaranteed to improve any call, presentation or negotiation you make!
The 3 most dangerous things you can do after a win that totally undermines any future successes… and… what to say to yourself to guarantee it NEVER happens to you! What to do the instant you realize you’re not going to achieve a goal that will compel you to go on… and…achieve even more! (You’ll LOVE this one!)
How to break out of a slump or depressed state and transform yourself into a dynamo of real authentic energy that engages anybody you choose! The amazing technique superstar entertainers use to obliterate jitters, stage fright and fear (you can use this to break through YOUR fears any time you want)
Why choosing the right goal is vital to being victorious… and how to choose a goal that boosts your success rate by a whopping 78%! A powerful strategy that instantly transforms you into an excellent listener, so you build deep rapport with anybody you choose. Interestingly, this same routine eliminates feelings of overwhelm, doubt or confusion and replaces them with laser-focus and certainty on ANY subject! (Achieving success now becomes automatic!)
The single most powerful set of thoughts and experiences to place deep in your mind… and… how to instantly recall them to achieve monumental success! The secret process to overcome shyness, fear and intimidation in a heartbeat!
How to train your ‘Little Voice’ to handle any objection… any time and any place… so you confidently take on your toughest opponents! How you can use the “little voice anti-whine” to NEVER feel victimized or regretful again!
How to overcome skepticism in the mind of somebody else, and quickly turn them onto YOUR side! The magic formula for eliminating fear or doubt in ANY person… to… excitement and congruence! (This way they’ll be on YOUR side within minutes!)
The single most important way for getting a team aligned, so that everybody is 100% ‘pumped’ and enrolled in YOUR agenda. How to ‘smoke out’ the hidden agendas that deplete your energy and waste your efforts!
How to STOP useless chatter of “I can’t” and turn it into “I Can!” Uncover the emotional truth that is sabotaging your dreams. Take I don’t know how and make it I need to learn how…
If you want success, prosperity, money, happiness, joy and peace
THIS is one audio download you MUST have in your library.

Get access to all 20 Techniques on the original CD as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD instantly! Order now for immediate access…


It’s All About Mastering Your “Little Voice”
Blair Singer has been one of my very best friends for over 27 years. He is a great communicator, a great teacher and a great human being. Like he says, when it comes to winning, it’s all about mastering your “Little Voice.”

Robert Kiyosaki
Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – teacher,
entrepreneur and friend for 27 years


I Recommend This For Anyone Who’s Ready…
In “Little Voice” Mastery, Blair brilliantly identifies how we all have a “Little Voice” between our ears that controls our thoughts, and therefore actions, and how, too often, our “Little Voice” is negative and self-sabotaging.
“Little Voice” Mastery provides easy-to-follow tools and techniques to help you take charge of your “Little Voice.” I recommend this for anyone who’s ready to create the life they’ve always wanted.

T. Harv Eker
Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
and friend since 1988


I Started Asking Different Questions and Consequently Getting Different Answers
…What Blair taught me was that I had always focused so much on how to “do” something that I didn’t pay the appropriate attention on how to “be” something. I started asking different questions and consequently getting different answers.I started the pursuit of becoming the kind of person who possessed the goals I wanted for myself rather than pursuing what to do. Doing has its place, but “being” is the foundation on where it’s done. It is easy to teach someone what to do. Teaching them how to “be” is a different story.

Blair’s ability to teach solid principles and techniques on how to improve my “being” has allowed me to reach heights I use to only dream about.”

Kevin Hocker
author of The Success Compass


My “Little Voice” Doesn’t Stand A Chance to Hold Me Back Anymore
I have had a really big problem with my little voice getting too loud (especially lately) and I’m happy to have some tools to silence that little sucker. I’m also pleased to have connected with some people who would have me be as big as I always thought I truly can be. I thought I had BIG in me and… well let’s say …I feel more confident in that fact than I believe I ever have. One more thing, My little voice doesn’t stand a chance to hold me back anymore.

Rick Falls
Internet Marketing Consultant


I Will Definitely Keep Using It To Take Me Even Further
For 40 years my little voice has been keeping me from succeeding in anything I tried. Since starting the “Little Voice” program in December and being coached with your local representative in the Toronto, Ontario area, I have totally been achieving much success.For the months of January and February I have been # 9 and 10 on the top four figure income earner’s list as well as doing “boot camp” training for my company for the last three months. I have gone “cold turkey” in the last week from my TV “addiction” (hiding in front of the TV 6 or 7 hours per day).

Although I may have accomplished all of this in the future, I know that it is the “Little Voice” program, that I listen to most nights before going to sleep that has helped me to achieve these accomplishments sooner rather than later and I will definitely keep using it to take me even further – even to top 5 income earners list.

Margaret Chisholm
Founding Platinum Member, Global Wealth Trade